Couples Therapy

There are many reasons why people go to couples’ therapy. Some of the common problems are communication problems, money issues, intimacy issues, differences in values or beliefs, problems with in-laws, and affairs. Couples often get stuck in destructive patterns around dealing with these types of problems.

Couples’ therapy is designed to help couples resolve differences that are solvable, and learn to accept differences that may not have an actual solution. Therapy should provide a safe place for you and your significant other to experience each other in a new way and become unstuck from you normal negative patterns of interacting. Elaine can help resolve issues between spouses, help prepare an engaged couple for marriage, or help work out differences between anyone facing a rough patch in their relationship.

Relationship Counseling

With so much attention on marriage counseling, unhappy, unmarried couples may find themselves wondering if therapy is right for them. If you’re committed to a your relationship (ring or no ring) but have problems you want to work out, relationship counseling may be the perfect solution for you.

Pre-Wedding Counseling

An engagement is an exciting time! It’s also stressful and scary and can lead to many new questions or arguments about the wedding and your future together. Pre-Wedding Counseling is a proactive way to ensure you and your partner are on the same page before you tie the knot.

Marriage Counseling

Just as no two people are perfect, no marriage is perfect. Spouses may seek marital therapy for any number of reasons. Whatever brings you here, you can expect to improve your listening and communication skills, and re-solidify your marriage.

Counseling for New Parents

Having a baby is a wonderful blessing, but many new parents discover new difficulties along with the many new joys. You don’t have to navigate these unfamiliar waters alone. New parents can find support and encouragement in counseling.

“Elaine saved my relationship…”

“Elaine’s healthy process of finding the scope of the work that needs to be done on your relationship and then coming up with a plan of action in order to fulfill your goals has been invaluable for helping us get where we want to be in our life.”

– Amy W.

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