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Parenting Tips:

School Age

*Provide structure by creating a schedule of routines. Children respond well when they know what is expected of them. 


*Stay connected by having dinner together as a family. Use the time together to talk about the day.

*Teach responsibility by assigning children chores. They can help set the table, make a salad, pour drinks, carry dishes to the table and help clean up after dinner. 

Tips for Teens

*Relate to them by entering their world; be involved in their interests. Go to their sports games, plays, recitals.

*Get to know to their friends. Create a teen-friendly environment.

*Help them make decisions by discussing options and allowing them to make choices.

*Ask open ended questions to give them an opportunity to talk and then just listen.

*Encourage them to develop their talents by helping them to try new things.

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